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Company Values

  • Human dignity
    All human beings are equal in dignity and are to be treated accordingly.
  • Inspiration
    With inspiration to be the best we can be, all is possible!
  • Integrity
    I hold myself and those around me to the highest standard of excellence.



Making a difference, sharing a vision, holding a reflective approach, acknowledging cultural specificity, promoting inclusivity, sharing decisions, building the capacity of stakeholders, rigorous implementation, both broad and detailed lense.


We won’t work with you unless we share your passion. That’s how we ensure we make a difference with you, in the work you do. We will use reflective practice to conduct an evaluation of our own services (metaevaluation) so that we keep an open communication with you about how satisfied you are with the culturally-specific process we’ve established and the results we’re getting. We’ll create a process that is specific to your organization, and wherever possible, we will include stakeholders in the decision making process and build the capacity of your organization. In doing this, we ensure that our process is rigorous in its attention to detail, but also broad in its scope, so we can connect systemic processes with project details.

Who are you and what kind of help do you need? Choose from the list below to find out how Fierro Consulting can help you.


We partner to help you make the difference you care most about: to measure your impact, establish accountability, improve your efficacy, or establish shared decision-making processes.


FC can help you either create a process to measure your impact or improve the process you have. We establish a process of research, evaluation, or participatory leadership development specific to your needs so you can present results and raise your credibility with your funders, staff, and constituents. Overcoming your challengeswill position you as a forerunner in your field, raising your profile to share or teach best practices to others in your field. Contact us for a rigorous, ethical, and conscientious research, evaluation, and facilitation conducted by a firm that cares about social justice as much as you do.

International Organization

We can provide you with a multi-method research and evaluation designs or facilitations that are inclusive of all parties affected by your work and meet your funders requirements.


As an international organization, efficient use of your resources, high quality impact, accountability, and cultural competency are probably some of your priorities. FC has experience in multiple cultural settings among vulnerable groups and has the humility and motivation to continue to improve its already rigorous high-quality services. We will create the best team for your needs with Partnerships (link) across 10 topic areas, 8 languages, and 20 countries. Contact us for ethical, conscientious, and useful research, evaluation, and facilitation conducted by a firm that cares about equity and that dares to believe that we can end world poverty.


We can inspire your grantees to reach for the highest levels of excellence by drawing from their strengths and learning to overcome their challenges.


By funding the research and evaluation of FC or recommending us to your grantees you will be ensuring that they collaborate with a firm that provides rigorous mixed-method services that establish ethical mechanisms of accountability for all project stakeholders. Whether they are new to research and evaluation or not, we aim to see organizations use data-driven decision-making and become forerunners in their field of best practices.


If you are triple-bottom-line business or a financial firm for whom measuring the social impact of your investment is as important as investing, we can work with you to ensure you are both effective in affecting change and profitable.


Social Impact in the business world is often a marketing pitch, but rarely is the impact measured in a way that is transparent and relevant to local communities and/or investors. We can help your business maximize your social impact, so you are truly sure you are making the difference you desire. If you are a national or international financial firm, lender, or fund, we can help you select impact measures that are sustainable and meaningful both to your investors and to the communities you are investing in. 

Activist Organization

We can help you collect information to prove that your work makes a difference and you become more effective at it.


If you are like most activist organizations, you know you work hard and are making an impact but you can’t quite prove it. By working together, you can get good results to get funding, recruit more volunteers, motivate people to stay involved, or affect policy. The opportunities are unlimited! Working with any evaluation or facilitation firm won’t suit your work. You need a firm that is ethical, committed to social change, accountable to the program constituents, and is willing to question the power dynamics in the research and facilitation process itself. That’s us.

Community member

Find out research results from our Project Work page (link) orand the Facebook page (link) to see basic results of recent projects. Volunteer to gain experience on research, evaluation, and facilitation that makes a difference.


Rita Fierro has been a resident of Philadelphia for 12 years and of Germantown for six. Once gotten beyond the hard shell, she was nurtured by a sense of genuineness (be “real”!) and community that is what she most values about her city and community. If you’re interested in the work we do and would like to volunteer or find out more, contact us and let’s have tea at a local (no-chain) coffee shop!If you’re a senior colleague and you share our vision let’s connect!


We love to expand our network of partners, collaborators, and volunteers.


Maybe we can write a proposal together to attain a higher capacity contract than we would in isolation. Check out my current Partnerships.

If you’re a junior colleague and you share our vision, Dr. Fierro can either coach or mentor you. Maybe you can volunteer to gain some real life experience with an firm that makes a difference and establishes genuine, authentic, nurturing ethical, and pleasant relationships within the team while implementing rigorous research. We explore innovative ways of engaging stakeholders in the research process while we bring about social change. Send us an email to find out more!

Rita Fierro at the helm of Fierro Consulting
Eval of leadership training in Ethiopia

From Our Clients

'Ecstatic with her results'

“The report Dr. Fierro submitted was exceptionally thorough, understandable, and well thought out. Her rationale, methodology, research questions, and results of the pilot led us to receive the proposal to train seven cohorts of child welfare supervisors. We were ecstatic with her results. Anyone who hires her will receive the same results. She is honest, trustworthy, and respected in her field.”

— Elizabeth Laboy, Leadership Transformation Group, LLC