Inspiring People. Growing Organizations. Strengthening Communities.

Company Mission

Fierro Consulting inspires, creates, and supports communities. We achieve this by increasing the capacity and efficacy of individuals, organizations, and communities as they pursue excellence by providing consulting services of the uttermost quality, integrity, and usability.


Fierro Consulting can help you increase your organization’s capacity, measure your impact, and establish participatory decision-making processes.

Program Evaluation

FC designs and conducts monitoring and/or evaluation studies to:1) Measure program and project impact, 2) Assess the implementation process, 3) Establish results-based management, and 4) Collect information to create a new model of intervention. We specialize in gender responsive evaluation and equity-focused frameworks but work with other frameworks as well. 

Social Research

FC designs or implements social research studies to explore the impact of an intervention, policy, or projector the complexity of social phenomena.

Training and Workshops

FC helps train individuals, organizations, and communities to: foster creativity, support collective action and decision making, build evaluation capacity, leverage complexity, shift organizational culture,  Participatory leadership facilitation and training can shift the organization’s culture by fostering new ways of making group decisions via innovative solutions that emerge from the group's collective inteligence. We use the Art of Hosting framework to help host conversations among people who bring their full personal and professional selves into a welcoming collaborative atmosphere. [More]


FC helps establish processes for lively, exciting meeting to: foster creativity, meaningful interaction, shared decision making, and strategy generation in organizations and communities to support collective action. We use a participatory leadership style where everyone contributes to decisions and helps generate innovative solutions that leverages collective intelligence and complexity for best results. We use the Art of Hosting framework to help host conversations among people who bring their full personal and professional selves into a welcoming collaborative atmosphere. Do I need a facilitator? [More]

Capacity Building and Coaching

FC builds the capacity of organizations and communities by coaching organizations to: 1) Establish processes of reflective practice, 2) Collect their own data in the creation of results-based management and/or 3) Conduct their own evaluations. Building an organization's capacity means enabling the organization to proceed on its own with only the needed support.


Rita Fierro at the helm of Fierro Consulting
Building a Logic Model

From Our Clients

"Fantastically skilled"

“Dr. Rita Fierro is a fantastically skilled consultant, but she is also a person of unique perspective and quality. She will challenge you and she won’t let you escape reality. You will see perspectives and concepts that you probably have not considered before, and she won’t violate her principals to placate you or your organization. That’s why you’ve hired her. Very, very rarely does such a person come along, with such great technical skills who is also tremendously sincere and passionate about helping you achieve your goals. This might sound like hyperbole, but it’s an accurate representation of who she is. Thank you, Rita!”