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What is Reiki?

The Word Reiki comes from two Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki”. It means life force energy. In a Reiki treatment, energy is transferred from the hands of the practitioner to the recipient resulting in a sensation of heat and nurturing relaxation. The heat also helps relieve both physical and emotional pain. It’s a fully natural remedy. We know from the fact that we instinctively put our hand on our cheek when our tooth hurts. For conditions that are chronic it is recommended that you have at least four treatments for the best effects.


Individual Reiki Treatments

You can schedule individual Reiki treatments to help you relax, relieve physical pain or emotional distress, anxiety, or depression.


You will be asked to lay on a table or in a chair as for a massage, but you will be fully clothed. A typical treatment lasts one hour, but can last less if needed.

Distance Treatments

You can schedule individual Reiki also for relaxation, pain relief, or emotional distress, anxiety, or depression, if you’d like to receive a session but you’re far away from the practitioner. You can also request a distance reiki session for a situation or a relationship.


You will be expected to have two phone conversations with the practitioner before and after the treatment and will be asked to rest during the time the treatment is being sent. You will receive a write-up of the session results. A typical treatment lasts one hour, but can last less if needed. Distant treatments are just as effective, because Reiki is based on principles of Energy and Vibration that bridge space and time.

Reiki Crystal Treatments

Combine the power of Reiki with the healing energy of crystals. These treatments can be used to balance your whole body, clear your life from old patterns, and clear your aura. We can work on customizing an affirmation for you that can be read or sung to you during the treatment.


Level I Reiki Practitioner Certification

($150-$250 per person, 12 hours)

In a Level I seminar, you:

  • Learn how to practice Reiki on yourself and others nearby;
  • Learn the history of Reiki;
  • Learn three Japanese Reiki techniques;
  • Learn about the emotional and psychological connections with Chakras (body energy centers);
  • Receive four Level I attunements;
  • Receive a class manual;
  • Practice conducting Reiki treatments and giving clients adequate feedback.

Level II Reiki Practitioner Certification

($250-$350 per person, 16 hours)

In a Level II seminar, you:

  • Learn three Reiki symbols;
  • Receive two Level II attunements;
  • Learn how to conduct distance Reiki treatments;
  • Discover the connections between self-development and distance Reiki work.

Level III Reiki Master Certification

(fee per hour to be determined)

Unlike the first two levels, Level III is not a brief seminar but a path to self-mastery that is highly personalized and includes an agreement between student and teacher. Once you’d completed Level III, you’ll be able to teach other students Reiki Level I, II, and III. You will be asked to teach classes in presence of your teacher before you are fully certified. The student is encouraged to mindfully choose his/her teacher to ensure a productive path to self-mastery.

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