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I co-edited this issue of New Directions in Evaluation to bridge the views of these two fields.

As an evaluator, have you ever felt scared of leading a meeting because of the stark differences of opinions?  Or as a facilitator, have you felt frustrated at the ill-fit attempts to evaluate your work? Evaluation and Facilitation, specifically offers insights and tools on how these two professions overlap so they can communicate and learn from one another more. The free editor's notes offer insights on the relationship between the two fields. The articles will help evaluators build their facilitation skills and offer facilitators more insight in evaluation. It does not focus on specific activities as much as how to plan for and adapt to the complex circumstances that might arise while you are doing an activity. To buy the whole issue, click on the image below. 

In my specific articleEnhancing Facilitation Skills: Dancing with Dynamic Tensions, you will learn how to use those differences as "dynamic tensions" that propel the group forward with creativity. It shows how to improve one's facilitation skills by leveraging seven dynamic tensions: Hosting self and others, hosting present and absent stakeholders, observing group and individual dynamics, simplifying and unveiling complexity, listening and sensing emergence, using intuition and rational problem solving, and facing chaos and control. There is also a list of questions to guide your reflective practice after your meetings. 

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