Inspiring People. Growing Organizations. Strengthening Communities.

Company Mission

Fierro Consulting inspires, creates, and supports communities. We achieve this by increasing the capacity and efficacy of individuals, organizations, and communities as they pursue excellence by providing consulting services of the uttermost quality, integrity, and usability.

News Updates

New Publication! Facilitation And Evaluation

I co-edited this issue of New Directions in Evaluation to bridge the views of these two fields. More

How will we write the next chapter of the story of race in America?

Using Art of Hosting and Conflict Transformation: An event in Houston, Texas.    More

New Results on Girls' Lives in Afar

Why is it hard to change attitudes about girls' education? Because in poor countries, it's more complex than you may think. Check out the results of this study funded by Girlhub Ethiopia More

Photo courtesy of Girlhub Ethiopia ©2013

Arts in Evaluation

My webinar on the use of Arts in Evaluation is now available online.  More


Fierro Consulting builds people, organizations, and communities by inspiring genuine relationships, shared decisions, and growing results.

Fierro Consulting envisions a world where all human beings are authentic and genuine, and where communities facilitate the ongoing growth of their members by listening deeply and meeting the emotional, physical, and psychological needs of all while they pursue excellence together. We see this as the premises for a world of unlimited justice, peace, and equity. 

At the helm of Fierro Consulting is Rita S. Fierro, who has worked one-on-one with individuals and organizations for over 20 years in the fields of facilitation, research and evaluation, teaching, and personal development. She offers wellness and self-help services for individuals and participatory leadership facilitation, research, and evaluation services for organizations and communities.

Rita S Fierro, Ph.D, is an intellectual artist who skillfully combines innovative and analytical thinking by bridging groups, networks, and arenas that may seem far apart.

Dr. Fierro, principal consultant of this firm, has 15 years of culturally-competent research and evaluation experience in multiple sectors. Dr. Fierro has conducted evaluations for foundations, universities, community-based organizations, and non-profits. She uses predominantly mixed-methods designs to highlight the perspectives of different stakeholders and triangulate data results, especially among vulnerable populations, particularly women and people of color conducting gender responsive and equity-focused evaluations. She specializes in mixed-method study design, data collection and analysis, and facilitation of decision-making processes. She currently is the Chair of the Independent Consulting Topical Interest Group for the American Evaluation Association after serving as Program Co-chair for the past two years.

Dr. Fierro began as a self-trained facilitator at the age of 15 when she facilitated a youth group of her own creation for four years. She inspired preadolescents in a small village in Italy to live ethical lives to the fullest. Over the years, she continued to facilitate as a college teacher, a Reiki teacher, a writer, and an activist. She is now a member of the Art of hosting and The Virtues Project TM certified facilitators.

Rita Fierro was born from a family that has believed and practiced traditional healing methods for generations.

Rita began to practice Reiki to offset the effects of her own chronic migraines that have since long gone. In the transformational process she experiences through Reiki, she shed the identity of being purely intellectual and now embraces being an intellectual artist capable both of innovative and analytical thinking. Much of her practice revolves around living a balance between mind and emotions, meditation and work, self and others, mind and heart, intellect and art, self-care and social justice.

Rita Fierro at the helm of Fierro Consulting


Teaming with others

Fierro consulting partners with a number of outstanding consultants across the world to choose the absolute best team for each project.

Some areas of collaboration are: videography, economic management, cost-effectiveness, leadership development, organizational development, management training, audacious strategic planning and marketing, advanced quantitative data analysis, innovative business and personal life coaching.

Dr. Fierro is fluent in English and Italian and has a good knowledge of French. We partner with outstanding colleagues for business in Amharic, Hindi, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Maori, and Swahili.